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We offer photography services from our location in Palma, Mallorca for your events and other photo shoots. After your photo session, we´re also happy to arrange physical copies, large or small, for your home or business.

High resolution versions or prints of most images you see here are available on affordable terms for private and commercial use.

We hope that our love of the humble photograph shines through in our work. Thank you for your visit!


Below you will find examples of our work in various categories for your inspiration, and evaluation.

We hope you like it enough to contact us for an appointment. Let us help you tell YOUR story.

Private events
Street photography
Palma COVID19 lockdown

Public events

Here you will find photographs from public events in Mallorca and other locations.

Get in touch if you’d like us to cover your public event!

2019 Palma Marathon
2019 Sant Joan festival
2020 Sant Sebastian festival


In a world of snapshots and boring photos, we feel that the humble photograph is needed now more than ever.

Photographs should be more than just casual snapshots. A photograph tells a story. It draws the eye of the beholder and maybe even recalls, or evokes an emotion. A photograph can capture the precious moments of life.

So why choose us? At Mallorca Doodles we´ve been working with photography for more than 10 years. We do our utmost to capture the feel, and the emotions of your special moments in life. Additionally, we try to keep up with modern cameras and optics, which doesn´t hurt.